The Olympus Deception
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"Former sergeant Vincent Peterson goes to work like any other person. But today is different. Unexpectedly, he?s approached by a woman?Athena?who insists that he is needed for a top-secret project, and in exchange, she can prove that his name and his reputation were destroyed. But before Athena can deliver what she has promised, she?s kidnapped in broad daylight right from Vincent?s grasp by a group of Russians, leaving Vincent worse off than ever.

Events have been set in motion. Vincent is now part of something much larger, and only Athena has the answers that he needs. Being hunted by the FBI, the US Army, and a clandestine Russian operative, Vincent is in the ultimate fight of his life. To get out, Vincent will have to go further in than ever before in order to learn the truth about his past and save his future."

Exhibited At: International book fairs