Don't Depend on God
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"DON?T DEPEND ON GOD Janice Tarbox
I?ve written hundreds of short stories. But then - I didn?t start until I was sixty. I wrote one poem. This is that poem.

What Have I To Give To You?
Bouquets of stars to spread on your bed
Sabers of moonbeams crossed over your head
Prisms of silhouettes to dance into view
Oceans of laughter is your due

Warmness and softness wherever you roam
A home full of peace high up on the dome
Spoons, cups and bowls of overflowing joy
Genuineness and thoroughness wound up in a coil

I am your master your servant your friend
Bursting with bubbles to make amends
Barrels of nothingness to fill with Eureka?s
Sunsets of colors unable to speak of

Silence so strong ghosts hear your songs
Hangers of king?s robes that you may put on
Mountains and valleys of sweet perfumed flowers
Truckloads of riches to claim as your dower

As like whales living deep down in the sea
With immeasurable freedom you are to be
Strings and ribbons of family and friends
Wisdom beyond every monk and amen

Come here, come here take all that I?ve said
I?ve a huge reservoir just waiting to spread

Before that year of sixty, my husband and I were foster parents for ten years. I had a real knack for making babies happy. But then - I was very sad inside my head.
After having written hundreds of short stories, and one poem, I decided to write some lyrics to a favorite melody of mine - ?Ashokan Farewell? by Jay Ungar. It was composed for the PBS miniseries ?The Civil War.?

I am love come stay with me Here it?s warm and soft and cool I?m a stone I?m a tree The sun is my strength
It is light and living free Take the step along my path The breath of a bee The moon is my beauty
You won?t miss what?s out there We?ll laugh and we?ll sing and A hill and a cloud And now and forever
For others to be. We?ll be everything. Come fly with me. I am that I am.

What started my writing short stories was a quote from Joel S. Goldsmith, from his book titled ?Consciousness Is What I Am.? ?Nothing can come into our experience except through our consciousness, so what our life will be depends on what we entertain in consciousness.?"

Exhibited At: International book fairs