Being Great: Leadership and Organizational Cultures
Shockingly Original Take on Leadership & Cultures
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More About This Title Being Great: Leadership and Organizational Cultures


In the VUCA World of today, amongst the widespread global negativity & immense lack of wisdom, absence of right leadership character & measured "REAL'' advise, this book is a fresh real life action based manuscript to help us become GREAT LEADERS & build GREAT CULTURES. This book is a must read for all & any kind of business founders, all business leaders, managers, team leaders, team members & individuals alike.

All of us can actually find the source of our supreme power & privilege to be unique, distinguished & recognized by finding, nurturing & using our own GREATNESS. The book helps us to find our own LEADERSHIP COMPASS & follow it subsequently.

Additionally, the book is to acknowledge what makes or break any & every organization but no one really pays as much attention to it. Organizational Culture is that invisible, lethal & supreme force that is the reason for all our success & our failures as an enterprise. The book helps you to know, embrace & understand the impact of organizational culture inside & armed with that knowledge you can make the most conscious & informed choices to either re-visit, re-imagine &/ or re-define your Organizational Cultures.


Ashutosh (ASH) has been instrumental in turning around loss making sick enterprises, creating great places to work & building strong & successful organizational cultures.

A recipient of numerous international awards until date, Ash is also a certified Assessor and Coach armed with very strong knowledge of measurements on Emotional Intelligence, Psychometrics, Personality and Behavior Profiling.

Ash spends a lot of his free time in mentoring young professionals on Leadership, Career Choices and Organizational Cultures. He is also a sought after speaker & facilitator and has spoken at various international events.

In the recent past Ashutosh was also Interviewed & Published in the widely reputed & acknowledged initiative by Great Place To Work® Institute -The Greatness Diaries.

Great Place To Work® Institute is global research and consulting firm that works with over 7000 organizations in over 50 countries every year.


About the Endorsers : Dr. Marshall Goldsmith (The international best-selling author or editor of 36 books including What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and Triggers) & Dave Ulrich (#1 Management Educator & Guru – BusinessWeek; One of the 10 most innovative and creative leaders - Fast Company; Most influential thinker in the decade - HR magazine).

In words of Dr. Marshall Goldsmith -

A) Cover Page : Thought Provoking, Incredibly Refreshing & Insightful

B) Inside the book : This book establishes some really critical business & leadership mistakes that leaders and organizations worldwide continue to make till date either by using old irrelevant methods or by acting in a very wrong manner contrary to what they should have.

In the book, Ash also offers very powerful, practical & relevant advice & solutions which can help any organization to build a great winning culture with highly engaged people. I recommend this book to be read by any managers, leaders and founders, who are committed to building great organizations.

In Words of Dave Ulrich -

A) Cover Page : Reading it is like having Ashutosh as a “coach on the shoulder”

B) Inside the book : Ashutosh Labroo has done a marvelous job consolidating a lifetime of experiences into specific tips and tools for leaders who want to improve themselves and their organizations. The book offers solutions, ideas, and prescriptive thoughts that will guide anyone through organization choices. Reading it is like having Ashutosh as a “coach on the shoulder” with his wise counsel and experience.

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