Rainbow Angel Earns Wings
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"Honorable Mrs. Maria Michaelides, beloved child of this dimension, may grace and mercy be long bearing before the most merciful and beloved God.

Praise for Rainbow Angel

?We have received your kindly dispatched book titled Rainbow Angel, wherein you have probed and reflected with your vivid imagination, style, and penetrating insight, the beauty of the world amid sacrifice and unconditional love, and we thank you warmly.

?Love?s great virtue has the strength to uproot every wickedness from people, to stop immense evil, to bring peace in all the world, to fill the world with every joy from heaven, to enrich each of us with all good things, especially those who are in need.

?We heartily hope that the Most Generous Lord will offer you many years ahead, as well as health and strength. We send forth sincere, warmest wishes and patriarchal blessings, as well as fervent wishes before God? (Theodoros II, His Beautitude, patriarch of all Africa)."

Exhibited At: International book fairs