One Who Knows Horses
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"In the year 1830, Zachery Morris leaves the hot humidity of Mississippi with his big stallion Ollie. Having known the horse since its birth, Ollie is Zachery?s best friend. Over the course of his travels, men often offer to pay to breed Ollie, fawning over his bloodline, but Zachery always refuses. Ollie is something unique. Truly, it?s almost as if he can detect evil in men.

While traveling through St. Louis, Zachery picks up four travel companions: Mathew, Pete, and the twins. They travel deep into the majesty of the Rocky Mountains, trusting safety in numbers. Mathew soon takes charge as their leader. Pete, the old trapper, just waits around to take orders. The twins don?t even have names, but they do their share.

Journeying through such beautiful wilderness has its dangers, as Zachery soon discovers. In some areas, he is the only white man who?s ever been there, which comes as a shock to the natives. As he seeks his fortune, lessons are learned and blood spilled in the dangerous plains of the Wild West?but Zachery and Ollie ride on, following their shared destiny of greatness."

Exhibited At: International book fairs