Motivated by Wicked Intention
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"This book contains the author?s detailed accounts of how she was deceived by an undercover demon impersonating her deceased grandson. Through a series of false illusions, malevolent spirits were assigned to eradicate her existence and torment her from beyond the grave. She offers her readers critical information that every Christian should know about black magic, which churches do not usually reveal, and informs her readers how to combat it.

Through her abundant Christian faith, the author has achieved victory over the forces oppressing her?but not without a struggle. These life-changing experiences she encountered were being used to build, mold, and shape her, although she didn?t perceive it that way in the beginning. Through triumphant faith, determination, strength, and prayer, justice finally has been served, proving her innocence.

From childhood through adulthood, God has always miraculously intervened in Carol Bell?s life. She is truly a living testimony, declaring the goodness of God?s supernatural miracles that are present in our day.

This is her story."

Exhibited At: International book fairs