Alter Your Reality...
Amongst the top 5 Finalists in the International Book Awards 2014 .

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We , the human beings , are divine energy beings residing in a
physical body. We have an in-built system in our energy body which
connects us to the One divine source. Due to the deviation from the
universal laws/principles that govern life , the consciousness of
mankind fell gradually from the golden age of light to the iron age of
darkness . This resulted in the spiritual DNA being deactivated and
mankind lost his direct connection with the Divine. In the dark ages,
the psyche of mankind suffered great damage due to experiencing
immense pain and suffering. Now the cycle of human consciousness
is on a upward swing , ultimately leading to the golden age of light.
It is now possible for every man to re-establish his divine connection with the help of various energy healing techniques which are now
widely practiced and can be easily incorporated in our day to day
life. These divine healing energies have the ability to repair the
damaged energy field/ aura of man and help him to re-create a life
for himself which is a reflection of his dreams. For , reality that is
experienced by each man is nothing but a reflection of his thoughts/


The Author Sharmila Rao is a Wayshower , A Lightworker and an Energy therapist . Her life purpose is to generate awareness of the divine nature of the human beings and their intimate connection with the God Consciousness , teaching the Energy Concept of Healing and Manifesting goals ...traversing the journey from pain to good health , from dream to reality by reprogramming the DNA which contains the blueprint of life . She is also a homemaker , a budding Interior designer ...multitalented and multifaceted . She is of Arcturian Origin , one of the members of the First Wave of Blue Ray Beings who answered The Call of the Clarion .


Susan O. Osborne
5.0 out of 5 starsThe Truths and Wisdom in this book have literally transformed my life and awareness in days!!!
3 August 2015 - Published on
If you've been on the journey of awakening but haven't quite been able to shake off the slumber then this book is most definitely for you. This may be the only book you will ever need (unless you just have a thing for books). The author covers EVERYTHING in depth plain & simply. It is an easy fast read and feels like its divine truth spoken to you directly from The Source of All existence. This book is magically transformational... Once you read it you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Love and Gratitude to you Sharmila Rao... You are cosmically divine. Namaste.

J. Calvin
5.0 out of 5 starsInspirational and Thought-Provoking
24 June 2014 - Published on
This is a vivid book with depth; it teaches, challenges, and inspires to the fullest.

Five Stars
An excellent guide to start one's spiritual journey. Simple yet informative. Waiting for the second book from Sharmila.

It is a very good book. I could relate it with many incidents ...
It is a very good book. I could relate it with many incidents in my life. It can even benefit young readers as they can find solutions for their problems. I really liked it and suggest everyone to read it.

Wonderful book. Spirituality explained in a simple and easy ...
Wonderful book. Spirituality explained in a simple and easy to understand way. Has a lot of answers for those seeking to know the ultimate key to happiness. Looking forward to more insights from the author.