Leave Her Out: A Novel
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More About This Title Leave Her Out: A Novel


Every president has secrets. Some have a life of their own.

Former president Anthony Morris has plenty of regrets—about his nonexistent relationship with his estranged and combative daughter, Stella, and the compromises he made to become president. After the death of his wife, he moves to Montana to spend his final days in anonymity, writing his memoirs—his final legacy for his daughter. But these aren't the normal memoirs of a presidency, and he can't shake the nightmares that haunt him or ignore the dark blue sedan that seems to follow him everywhere. The more he writes, the more convinced he becomes that he can't trust anyone, not even those closest to him.

A successful attorney representing one of the top international NGOs, Stella Morris gave up on a relationship with her father a long time ago. But when she resigns from a prominent case, she sets in motion events that will put both her and her father in danger. As long-kept secrets unfold, someone will go to any length to keep the truth hidden.

Emotional, gripping, and full of twists and turns, Leave Her Out explores the dark side of modern politics and the true price of sacrifice.