Taking America Back
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"Rev. Thaddeus Lamb is in a world of trouble. A true believer and a man of God, he is having a terrible time protecting his small town, family, and church from the ravages of social change in the sinful ?70s. But like the mighty Don Quixote de la Mancha, he dares to dream the impossible dream: that a man of sufficient faith and fortitude can reverse the march of time. This, he believes, is his mission from God.

Alas, it is a daunting quest. Satanic Steve, the station manager, torments him about his low TV ratings. His church is facing bankruptcy. His daughter is turning into a liberal feminist before his fundamentalist eyes, and then he is sorely tempted by a man on a crusade of his own. Roger Wright is a brilliant political strategist who intends nothing less than to reverse the direction of politics in America.

Hilarious and heartbreaking, this meditation on the turbulent decade of Nixon and Carter examines forces that divide our nation today and provides a fictionalized account of the right-wing campaign to recruit evangelical ministers into politics."

Exhibited At: International book fairs