The Book of Psychological Truths
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More About This Title The Book of Psychological Truths


"As a doctor of the human psyche author R. Duncan Wallace over a 48 year career has discovered universal valuable psychological truths that create most of our mental and emotional functioning in all areas of living. Rarely are they used knowingly because they are largely unconscious and unknown—until now. They came from delving deeply into the minds of thousands of people and conducting a 13 year weekly think tank of professionals and bright lay people. The Book of Psychological Truths, is a masterpiece of truths with extraordinary powers to do the following and more:

? instantly remove and eventually eliminate mental pressure and most personal stress;
? convert emotional pains to new discoveries while removing their sting;
? handle the varieties of uncertainty and situational anxieties in best ways;
? cure psychological depression and despair;
? solve and remove severe psychological pains and complexes;
? grow your mind and abilities in an accelerated fashion;
? learn many ways of discovering;
? enhance your relationships and communicate in the best possible ways;
? develop the stances and attitudes that produce success;
? achieve your potential and create new potential for even greater achievement;
? continuously increase wisdom and life handling capabilities so you can gain enduring quality of life and live well.

A book unlike any other, this is destined to create great new common sense, and benefit individuals and families in this and future generations. The Book of Psychological Truths shows that when you use the power and value of these truths by choice and with awareness, you can greatly increase your personal evolution and influence society’s evolution in wise ways. These truths will also benefit psychotherapists, mental health professionals, educators, administrators and business professionals. It will stimulate research by neuroscientists and interest philosophers."

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