Bear Company (Dark Corps) (Volume 1)
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More About This Title Bear Company (Dark Corps) (Volume 1)


World famous scientist Dr. Peter Barnes has been kidnapped and forced to open a portal to another dimension, letting shadowy creatures known as the Dark into our world. Halfway around the planet, five stuffed bears activate and become Bear Company, the armored protectors of the scientist’s son, Timmy. Together they will embark on a dangerous journey to reunite Timmy with his father. But the Dark will be seeking him out at every turn—lucky for Timmy, he has Bear Company to keep him safe, and to ensure that the Dark is kept at bay.


"An adroitly conceived series opener that’s tailored to action fans." -Kirkus Reviews

"For his debut novel, Alexander launches a smart, action-oriented middle-grade series that’s designed to keep kids’ attention." -Kirkus Reviews

"Bear Company (Dark Corps) (Volume 1) is filled with enthralling moments that had me at the edge of my seat turning the pages in anticipation of what would happen next. From one encounter with The Dark to another, I could not help admiring the determination of the undeterred gang. The book left me wanting more of Cameron Alexander’s work and hence I rate the book 4 out of 4 stars." -Online Book Club Review

"Overall, an adorable book with a fur-ocious battle or two of stuffies versus shadows, Bear Company was a delight to read, and perfect for beginning chapter readers." -SciFi and Scary Review