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With Open Arms by Mary Schlieder from AAPC Publishing

Sub Title

  • Creating School Communities of Support for Kids with Social Challenges Using Circle of Friends, Extracurricular Activities, and Learning Teams
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    Autism Asperger Publishing Company
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    USD 20.95
  • Publication Date:
    July 1, 2007

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  • AAPC Publishing
AAPC Publishing

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AAPC Publishing specializes in books and multi-media on autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and related exceptionalities for individuals on the spectrum, their parents, families, peers, educators and other professionals. We take pride in offering practical solutions that translate research into practice...

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Children with autism spectrum disorders, learning disabilities, behavioral disorders, and English language learners often face more social challenges in this area than their peers. Written by an experienced special educator and behavior therapist, this book helps educational professionals create an open and inviting school environment for these children, promoting understanding and helping them feel like they belong. A multitude of suggestions for developing programs that teach critical social skills include circle games and activities, book clubs, relationships circles, and much more.