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Out and About by Jill Hudson from AAPC Publishing

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  • Preparing Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders to Participate in Their Communities
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    Autism Asperger Publishing Company
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    USD 20.95
  • Publication Date:
    July 2, 2007

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  • AAPC Publishing
AAPC Publishing

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AAPC Publishing specializes in books and multi-media on autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and related exceptionalities for individuals on the spectrum, their parents, families, peers, educators and other professionals. We take pride in offering practical solutions that translate research into practice...

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This short, to-the-point resource is sure be used repeatedly by parents and educators. It focuses on everyday events and how to enable and support individuals on the autism spectrum to be active participants in the world around them. Created as a Blueprint to be filled in according the child and the event being planned, the framework lists 10 areas that have been identified in best practice as effective types of support for children with an autism spectrum disorder. These include a waiting plan, communication, social, visual, hidden curriculum rules, sensory, motivation, behavior, transitions and siblings or other students. The individualized Blueprint will become second nature to its users as they become more familiar with the support the child needs and, therefore, serve as an indispensable tool in everyday life.