Banie the striped mongoose: Stinky or not?
Original South African children's story about a mongoose
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More About This Title Banie the striped mongoose: Stinky or not?


Meet Banie! He is a striped mongoose and lives in South Africa. He is trying to understand what all these smells are about... He meets lots of animal friends along the way - each with their own unique smell. A fun story teaching 4-6 year olds about senses.

This book is already translated into English.


Maritha Snyman is a well-known author of Afrikaans children’s books, including the popular Reënboogrant– series and the humorous/joke books (Lekker lawwe lagboeke). Maritha is respected for her research about children’s reading habits and her aim is to write stories that children will enjoy en have fun with while experiencing the joy of reading. She won the ATKV Prize for children’s literature for the title Teddie se geheim in 1999. She is currently a Professor at the University of South Africa.