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More About This Title HIDDEN TREASURE


In this substantially revised version of F. Aster Barnwell’s previous work, e Meaning of Christ for Our Age, Barnwell reveals the hidden
treasure—a universal template for advancing human consciousness—buried within the well-trodden pages of the New Testament Gospels.

As this knowledge has eluded all but the most advanced spiritual adepts and initiates, Barnwell presents this psychology of transformation
to the masses in clear, concise language. He shows how various spiritual exercises in the Gospels can lead to a state of higher consciousness and eventually to enlightenment. Only after this is achieved can we experience the Kingdom of Heaven and realize the Second Coming of Christ.

Through careful explanation, Barnwell provides a map of this transformation, going beyond dogma and creed by sharing his own journey
of spiritual self-discovery. He stresses the non-necessity of adhering to any specific set of religious beliefs for the transformational psychology to work, and explains how it can bene t the atheist and the agnostic as well as the religious practitioner.

Hidden Treasure can show you how to become more attuned to your deepest self and truest reality. Only then can you evolve out of an
ego-bound state to an enlightened state of love, openness, and joy.