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Deep within the crystal castle of Alexandria, Accent scrolls were found by archaeologist and translated by their smartest minds of their time, one of the scrolls it spoke of a world lled with evil and corruption, and yet in the heart of it all stood a young farm hand named Foo, that was saddling up his horse for his late afternoon adventure, unknowing that his daily ride was about to change his destiny forever, with the help of his true love a peasant slave girl named Fresh air, that he has never met, that very night with courage and bravery he rescues her from her master an evil Gargoyle for exchanged for a powerful mystical stone, and thus begins a whirlwind of Action & adventure that takes them to another time and worlds where they are caught up in the ultimate battle as Foo and his true love with
the help of crazy old wizards, and mystical creatures helped a young King named Zartan from another world battle the evil Sorceress Anjelika over the throne for the Kingdom of Jetskia", as Foo then realizes his true calling that will eventually lead to the center of time & space and into the hearts of the Dark Ones, the Guardians of time and space...


Clint Charles Fryer: was born on Dec 22, 1969 in Guelph, Ontario, but he spent most of his childhood on the outskirts of a small town called Belwood in Ontario, with his parents and his brother Cal, Clint graduated at C.W.D.H.S. in Fergus with honors, Clint enjoys his spare time with his loving family and dear friends, He is now working on completing the Dark Ones the Guardians of Time & Space adventure series, Clint Charles Fryer is all so working on plans for a animation series based on the Dark Ones the Guardians of Time & Space adventure, as well working on ideas for a Motion Picture too, Clint Charles Fryer is also writing other stories eg a cool action/ adventure spy series along with a action thriller novel series to both of them has all ready been started. they both would be great as a motion picture. He is a big fan of George Lucas, Science Fiction, Action/ Adventure and fantasy movies. Clint Charles Fryer can be reached at [email protected] and