Middernagblou (Midnight blue)
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More About This Title Middernagblou (Midnight blue)


With 'Middernagblou,' Peet Venter creates a frightening world where underhanded scientists and their cronies succeed in manipulating and changing the human psyche. It soon turns into a world of fraud, drugs and murder. A riveting read!


Peet Venter is a prolific writer with his first title appearing in 1978. Although he has written novels and prose (close to 15 titles), his focus over the years has been on writing fast-paced thrillers (Ou Bloed, Dieper as bloed and Plasenta). He writes in Afrikaans and regularly produces bestsellers for his local publisher.

“I am fond of the crime genre, I regard it as a fun brain exercise. It is so close to the reality and that is why research is very important. This is also the reason why I hesitate to delve too deep into the psyche of the criminal. It is a highly specialised field… I prefer to touch on the basic human side of the criminal, and let
his actions speak for themselves. The rest is up to the reader.”