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"How was the universe created, and why? What is the role of man on Earth, and that of intelligent beings on other planets, in it? What is life like on some other planets? Why is man here, what is expected of him? These are some of the questions that this book answers. The translator considers the materials in this book as religion and philosophy of life for people who are searching for the full truth and are willing to think for themselves and to question commonly accepted beliefs. It tells how man should live so that it would be good for everyone, and so that Christ's statement about ""Paradise on Earth"" would indeed come true.

The part dealing with religion can be divided into two broad categories. The first one explains, clarifies, and in a few cases supplements the concepts which the Prophets of the past, such as Buddha, Christ, Indra, Mohammed, Moses, Zoroaster, and others proclaimed. The second part tells what the Prophets of the past could not tell back then, because the humanity of that time would not have understood them. Now that humanity's science is much further advanced. The Almighty has decided o reveal the complete truth about the universe. Here the latest scientific knowledge is brought in, and hints are given beyond the current knowledge of science.

This book tells about and explains The Almighty's religion of the universe. This in turn entails the reason for the creation of the universe, how the universe is being created and governed, and, yes, the very significant role which man of Earth is expected to play in this process. Examples are given from intelligent life on other planets and much is said about how man should live and what he should not do. There are stories that help to illustrate the points. The Almighty's religion differs dramatically from all other religions currently practiced on Earth. It recognizes and acknowledges all other religions, it does not require an individual to join it. It does not threaten or condemn the ""nonbelievers,"" it permits, it insists in each individual choosing freely for himself or herself. It merely provides some truly thought provoking materials to ponder."

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