Dr. Abraham's Happy Little Stories
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"Dr. Abraham says that when babies come out of their mommies? tummies, they immediately start gathering data. They have empty shelves to put new information on, so the stories they hear help shape their personalities. The more curious kids become, the better, since curious kids grow to be creators, inventors, and artists?special people who think outside the box and get the most out of life.

In Dr. Abraham?s Happy Little Stories, read tall tales about loving families and adventurous children. It?s true that parents might exaggerate a bit, but it?s all part of storytelling and nurturing the creative mind. Four fantastical interludes introduce characters like Hazel Larue and Harold, parents known for spinning silly stories. Plus, meet the kids?Donny Leroy, and Peggy Sue?who are clever and kind.

There?s also Howard Hudson Holt Jr., better known as Harry, who not only makes friends with a snake but also learns the truth about earwax. Read the mad adventures of parents and children, all of whom think outside the box and revel in the beauty of imagination. Sometimes it?s good to be silly, flex the creative muscles, and maybe, someday, make up tall tales of your own!"

Exhibited At: International book fairs