Memories Last Longest
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"Friends meet to have a party. The radio announces a declaration of war. Molina is the beautiful doctor and is admired by Cameron, the journalist who cannot bring himself to tell her of his love. Robert has sympathies with the Germans as he trained there as a medical student. He had seen the burning of books and had joined in the fun.

Cameron, with his fellow correspondent, Geordie, covers the war in France and all its dreamlike qualities of a country, not able to comprehend it was involved in a war. Cameron sees the Russians fight the German war machine at Rostov. This is the first time Russians have a real plan?not to stop the enemy but to slow him down.

The world of espionage is ripe in Lisbon, one of the cities where information is more precious than gold. Where the Jewish people are desperate to escape but are at the mercy of greed.
Cameron finds Molina is much stronger than he is in many ways and determined to live her life as she pleases.

Fear in the night. To be trained to fight by stealth in the pleasant British countryside. A short flight by Lysander, and you are in enemy territory. The radio is vital but vulnerable and dangerous to possess.

Even in war, life goes on just the same."

Exhibited At: International book fairs