The Summit Syndrome
Plagiarism dramatically unpacked.
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More About This Title The Summit Syndrome


A courtroom drama based on an actual case. The reader is given keen insight into behind the scenes of conducting a major case. The basics of plagiarism and copyright infringement are unpacked as the remarkable case unfolds, leading to a startling conclusion..
The principal players are emotionally damaged and their interaction contributes to the remarkable outcome of the story.

A dramatic story of treachery, betrayal, love, and an obsession to succeed, in which a lawyer takes on a complex and bizarre copyright case while in a state of severe personal turmoil.


Prof Owen H Dean is a specialist copyright attorney of 40 years standing and a professor of law. He has written legal text books and published numerous articles in academic journals. He has published "Awakening the Lion" which gives a first hand account of the famous case involving Walt Disney and the popular hit song "The Lion Sleeps Tonight". "The Summit Syndrome" is his first novel.


Alan Benedict, a renowned copyright attorney in South Africa, suffers a devastating personal tragedy. He abandons his legal career and goes into seclusion. Soon after he meets Toni Vaughn, an emotionally scarred young woman, he is reluctantly coerced into conducting a copyright case about a potentially plagiarized book. He recruits Toni as his assistant. He sets out to prove that the defence of the case is fraudulent and is shrouded in a dangerous web of lies and deceit. Their work draws Alan and Toni closer together and everything, including their relationship, becomes linked to the outcome of the challenging and bizarre case.


The US Review of Books:
".......Dean has this skill. He excels in the thrusts and ripostes of courtroom jousting and is equally good in creating a creepy atmosphere outside the courtroom where something is awakened and ready to strike. He also effectively shows how the courtroom can be therapeutic for traumatized lawyers by giving Benedict a reason to get up in the morning ........The author fulfills the duty of a thriller/legal writer. He keeps the pace going, not only in the chase sequences outside the courtroom, but also in the courtroom itself by avoiding legalese and instead providing dramatic testimony. All in all, Dean delivers the requisite thrills and surprises for fans of courtroom dramas. At the same time he makes the psychologically broken Benedict a hero to root for. RECOMMENDED".

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