Chinese (Ideograms & Pīnyīn), English & French Level 1 & 2 Words in Use
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More About This Title Chinese (Ideograms & Pīnyīn), English & French Level 1 & 2 Words in Use


"This book supplies you with the necessary levels 1 and 2 vocabularies as well as a hundred other necessary words for beginners and preintermediate learners. It will let you have a clear goal in your learning of Chinese?ideograms and p?ny?n (640 words and expressions), English (1,100) or French (1,050) languages. For this aim, it provides you more than 1,800 everyday sentences?each one has the three language equivalences?to help you master those words of your need for everyday life and work as well as for your social communication activities.

Knowing a proper use of a single word is not difficult, but it is not easy at all to master a right use of a great deal of vocabulary by speaking more than 1,800 everyday sentences. And if this is your aim, master levels 1 and 2 vocabularies and 1,800 everyday need sentences in a short time. This book is for you!

How to Use This Book
This edition of Chinese (ideograms and p?ny?n), English, and French level 1 and 2 words in use is clear and easy to use. Since the vocabularies are classified by the Chinese romanization (p?ny?n), you can work the vocabularies methodically and progressively according to that order. You can also work the words or expressions of your urgent need by finding them according to Chinese lexis (74?79), English lexis (80?87), or French one (88?95)."

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