The Crows of Spooky Wood
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"?Not just one but two mysteries to solve!?

Vlad, Mackie, Tish, and Maggie hardly know where to begin! Baby crows have been taken from their nests at night without a trace! Then they hear the strange, age-old story of the long-lost grave of Spooky Wood, found on a foggy night years ago and never seen again! A new gang is quickly formed. The four crows, with helpful advice from their gran and the invaluable assistance of an unexpected and unlikely new friend, embark upon a mission to solve the two mysteries at once. Where have the young crows gone, and who has taken them? Just where is the lost grave? Will they discover it and whom?or indeed, what?is buried there?

Will they survive the coming storm? Can they elude the prowling figure in the wood? Who else will they meet along the way, and do they have the cunning, bravery, and nerve needed to complete their mission?

?Their adventures had only just begun!?"

Exhibited At: International book fairs