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Few modern figures in the Reformed tradition are as widely influential as Abraham Kuyper, whose views on theology, politics, and Christian culture are renowned. His writings on worship, however, are not as well known. This new English translation of Onze Eredienst fills that gap, offering Kuyper’s clearest thinking on worship and liturgy. Though written nearly a hundred years ago, his perspectives on worship are amazingly relevant to our time. / In a substantive introduction Harry Boonstra outlines Kuyper's life and the historical context in which he wrote. Adding even more luster to the volume are concluding essays by John Bolt, Bryan Spinks, Geoffrey Wainwright, and Nicholas Wolterstorff.


(1837–1920) He was a Reformed pastor and theologianwho dominated the religious and political life of theNetherlands for nearly half a century and whose ideascontinue to inspire an international school of thought. Hefounded the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, organized thefirst major Christian political party in Europe, and servedas prime minister of the Netherlands. Kuyper lectured andwrote many books on Reformed theology and generally soughtto show the public relevance of Christian faith to modernlife.