Supporting Asian Christianity's Transition from Mission to Church
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More About This Title Supporting Asian Christianity's Transition from Mission to Church


“This volume, telling the story of how one North American ecumenical foundation learned to move from a ‘missions’ stance to one of ‘partnership,’ is at once informative, intriguing, and instructive for anyone curious about or interested in the development of contextual theological education and scholarship in China and Southeast Asia. It traces the efforts of Protestant churches and educational institutions emerging from World War II, revolution, and colonization to train an indigenous leadership and to nurture theological scholars for the political, cultural, and religious realities in which these ecclesial bodies find themselves.” — Greer Anne Wenh-In Ng, Professor Emerita, Victoria University in the University of Toronto


Charles W. Forman
— Professor of Missions Emeritus, Yale Divinity School
"This is a thoroughly researched history. It sets its story in a wide perspective and illuminates the international scene of which it is a part."

Marvin D. Hoff
— FTESEA Executive Director, 1977–2006
"Samuel Pearson has edited an excellent, insightful study on the Foundation for Theological Education, and Michael Poon's chapter on the Association for Theological Education in South East Asia provides a very helpful introduction to the first theological education association established outside of North America. Since the 1930s, the foundation has been the major agency linking ecumenical, North American denominations with theological education in China and Southeast Asia. Through this history, one is introduced to the major efforts in theological education in China and Southeast Asia during the last half century."

Gerald H. Anderson
— Director Emeritus, Overseas Ministries Study Center, New Haven
"This book is a gold mine for those who want to understand the development of theological education among Protestants in China and Southeast Asia — its progress, problems, and promise."

Xiaoling Zhu
— Area Executive for East Asia and the Pacific Common Global Ministries Board of Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and United Church of Christ
"This is a meaningful study of the common mission history of churches in North American and China. It calls us to remember the past and dream of the future. We are so glad to see Samuel Pearson and Michael Poon's excellent contribution to this project."