Eva's Story
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Many know the tragic story of Anne Frank, the teen whose life ended at Auschwitz during the Holocaust. But most people don’t know about Eva Schloss, Anne’s playmate and stepsister. Though Eva, like Anne, was taken to Auschwitz at the age of 15, her story did not end there. / This incredible memoir recounts — without bitterness or hatred —the horrors of war, the love between mother and daughter, and the strength and determination that helped a family overcome danger and tragedy. 


Eva Schloss lectures widely in the United States, Europe,and Australia about the Holocaust and its consequences. Herstory is also told through the popular play by Americanplaywright James Still And Then They Came for Me:Remembering the World of Anne Frank, at which sheoften holds question-and-answer sessions. Visit Eva'swebsite at EvaSchloss.com.


Publishers Weekly 
 “Powerful. A heartbreaking and inspirational account of personal triumph.”

 New York Daily News
“A tale worth telling. . . . It picks up where Anne Frank’s diary ends.”

Jewish Telegraph
"High on the list of Holocaust reading." Michael Berenbaum
— director of Sigi Ziering Institute, American Jewish University
"Eva's story is a powerful memoir of a young Austrian girl whose family found refuge — or so they thought — in Holland during World War II. Like their more famous neighbors, the Franks, Eva's family also went into hiding, though the Schloss family separated, father and son, mother and daughter. Betrayed, they were captured separately and sent to Birkenau, where they lived throughout 1944. Mother and daughter endured all that one endured in Auschwitz. But Eva's story includes the help that was given to them by fellow prisoners and the sheer luck that it took to survive. It is a poignant story so very well told and all the more interesting to readers as Eva's story intersects with Anne Frank. The girls played together as children, and after the war Eva's mother married Otto Frank. Having both lost spouses and children, they found each other and could remember the past together as they faced the future."