Four Gospels, One Jesus?
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More About This Title Four Gospels, One Jesus?


In this modern classic Richard Burridge offers an engaging introduction to the New Testament Gospels. Using the ancient visual symbols for the Gospels — human face, lion, ox, and eagle — Burridge presents a clear interpretation of each Gospel author's portrait of Jesus.

This new edition contains updated suggestions for further reading and a substantial new Afterword in which Burridge reflects personally on his book's genesis, development, and positive reception over the years. Four Gospels, One Jesus? in this third edition will continue to be appreciated by teachers, students, pastors, and other readers wanting to understand Jesus more fully.


Richard A. Burridge is dean of King's College London,where he is also professor of biblical interpretation anddirector of New Testament studies.


Desmond Tutu
—Archbishop Emeritus of Cape Town
"Richard Burridge has made erudite scholarship so wonderfully accessible. Four Gospels, One Jesus? is indispensable for anyone who wants a reliable guide to New Testament studies with a disarming light touch."

Rowan Williams
— University of Cambridge
"Richard Burridge's book packs an enormous amount into a relatively small space - solid scholarship, theological acumen, imaginative and sensitive interpretation, a real gift for the telling analogy, all grounded in a manifest passion for the gospels and their unique subject. It is very good to have a fresh edition of this indispensable classic, as learned as it is accessible."

Currents in Theology and Mission
"Pastors will find this book practical, informative, and useful, and may wish to add it to their parish library. It's a good book made better."

Religious Studies Review
"Burridge's Christology symbolized by four living creatures makes an excellent introduction filled with well-phrased insights.

Ian S. Markham
— Virginia Theological Seminary
"Four Gospels, One Jesus? is rightly acclaimed as a classic. . . . Burridge is the C. S. Lewis of Bible scholars.""