Father's Road
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Wong Chung is thrilled when he has the chance to join his father’s caravan and embark on a journey along the Silk Road. But with the harsh terrain, brutal sandstorms, and marauding bandits, the journey is not an easy one. With so many obstacles will they ever be able to reach the magnificent markets in Constantinople?
This book in the new Trade Winds series presents historical information about the most well-known trade route in a fun, accessible way.


Ji-yun Jang currently splits her time between writing picture books and developing learning programs for children. Her previous books include My Body Got Stretched, GomGomi’s Promise, and Spinning Wheel, Spinning Wheel, Turn Around.

Tan Jun was born in Hunan, China. His works include The Story of the Fox, The Happy Prince, and The Family Tree. In Father’s Road, Tan Jun emphasizes black and white to express the difficult journey through the Silk Road and the atmosphere of the time period.