The Big Book of Slumber
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More About This Title The Big Book of Slumber


A stunning lullaby book that will both delight and soothe

All creatures of the world find time to rest. And in this charming lullaby book, countless cozy animals settle down in their beds. Bears lie under their blankets, the fox snuggles beneath a tree in the light of the moon, and the monkey tucks his banana close beside him.

This brilliant pairing of author and illustrator brings us a vibrant yet elegant bedtime book that is sure to enchant young readers as they drift sweetly into their own dreams.


Giovanna Zoboli is an Italian author and editor. She has written several award-winning books for young readers. Giovanna lives in Italy.

Simona Mulazzani is an international children's book illustrator. She has won a number of awards for her work and has illustrated over 60 children's and adult books. She also lives in Italy.


Publishers Weekly (STARRED review)
"A potential bedtime favorite. Deliciously fanciful scenarios, not zoological correctness, is the name of the game: camels sleep under quilts in bunk beds, while three seals slumber in armchairs balanced on the branches of a tree. . . . If even the crocodile, the snake, and the tiger are sound asleep, the creators seem to imply, nothing can threaten readers on their way to bed."

New York Times Book Review
"The juxtapositions are funny but unfrantic, gentled by the sweet couplets and piquant but restful paintings."

Wall Street Journal
"With their deep, jewel-like colors and comforting coziness, what small child wouldn't want to join this snoozing menagerie?"

Children's Literature
"A pleasant and soothing experience. . . . Parents who are searching for a beautiful lullaby book about animals will undoubtedly enjoy this one."

The Horn Book
"This large-format ode to the joys of dreamland sets just the right tone for a restful night."

Congregational Libraries Today
“Attractive, oversized book. . . . Appropriate for congregational nursery school children, who will adore the imaginative drawings and text.”