Life, Love, and Hope
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Can Christian belief in God, a contemporary scientific approach to human life, and human experience all be held together? Yes, says Jan-Olav Henriksen, who in this book shows how such a synthesis can be realized.

Taking both knowledge of evolution and belief in God as Creator into account, Henriksen’s Life, Love, and Hope articulates a vision for understanding the relationship between God and human experience in contemporary terms. Henriksen maintains that evolutionary theory does not account for all that can and must be said about human life and experience. Conversely, he also argues that any belief in God as Creator can be informed and deepened by knowledge of evolution.

This thoughtful, nuanced book develops a comprehensive vision that will appeal to anyone who ponders the relationship between God and science.


Jan-Olav Henriksen is professor of systematic theology and philosophy of religion at Norwegian School of Theology, Oslo, and professor of religious studies at the University of Agder, Kristiansand, Norway.


Modern Theology
"Henriksen is to be commended for articulating the notions of life, love, and hope within an ambitious scope of a Trinitarian framework. . . . [He] has offered a service to theology by his salutary reminders that God did not just love us humans, but that 'God so loved the world.'"

Niels Henrik Gregersen
— University of Copenhagen
"In this major work Henriksen shows how life-orienting experiences of God relate to the big cosmic canvas as well as to the small things of life. He engages science and theology in a sense-making way that is remarkably wide-ranging and up-to-date."