Participating in God's Mission
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More About This Title Participating in God's Mission


Explores how the church has engaged—and should engage—the American context

What might faithful and meaningful Christian witness look like within our changing contemporary American context?

After analyzing contemporary challenges and developing a missiological approach for the US church, Craig Van Gelder and Dwight Zscheile reflect on the long, complex, and contested history of Christian mission in America. Five distinct historical periods from the beginning of the colonial era to the dawn of the third millennium are reviewed and critiqued.

They then bring the story forward to the present day, discussing current realities confronting the church, discerning possibilities of where and how the Spirit of God might be at work today, and imagining what participating in the triune God’s mission may look like in an uncertain tomorrow.


Craig Van Gelder is professor emeritus of congregational mission at Luther Seminary, St. Paul, Minnesota, and a consultant with churches and other faith-based organizations.

Dwight J. Zscheile is associate professor of congregational mission and leadership at Luther Seminary and a consultant with churches and other faith-based organizations.