Invincible Spirits
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Evelyn Underhill has said that "every religion looks for, and most have possessed, some revealer of the Spirit." In Invincible Spirits Felicity Leng presents wise, inspiring words from brilliant women who have been the revealers of their times. Many silent and forgotten voices throughout history come back to life in this sparkling collection of spiritual writings.

From a ninth-century mother in France writing a poignant self-help book for her estranged son, to a modern-day social campaigner in New York, Invincible Spirits is full of reflections on classic themes and questions in the search for a deeper experience of God. Some writers -- Julian of Norwich, Teresa of Avila, Christina Rossetti, Emily Dickinson, Corrie ten Boom, Dorothy Day -- are quite familiar. Others -- Raïnssa Maritain, Hadewijch, Margiad Evans, Dhuoda -- are less widely known but no less inspiring. Invincible Spirits ends with "Biographies and Bibliographies" -- more than thirty pages of informative notes on all of the many women represented here.

The profound wisdom of these women mystics, saints, mothers, activists, poets, and visionaries still has great appeal for twenty-first-century readers seeking spiritual guidance and direction. This is a volume not to be missed.


Felicity Leng has taught art and languages and hasexhibited paintings and photographs in Great Britain andFrance. She is the translator of various works and theauthor of Smiles of God: The Flowers of St.Thérèse of Lisieux.