God's Quiet Things
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Shhh. Listen. Can you hear a sound from worms that wiggle underground? Do you hear the darkness fall? The morning dew that comes to call? Look and listen high and low. God's quiet things are yours to know.

Nancy Sweetland's delightful lyrics show children the marvelous things in nature that they can discover by looking and listening, and Rick Stevens's soft pastel illustrations reveal that God's quiet things are always there just waiting to be discovered.


Nancy Sweetland is a children's author living in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Rick Stevens is a fine artist whose work has appeared in a variety of exhibits. He lives and works in Sparta, Michigan.


"This title raises children's consciousness to the quiet marvels found in nature. . . . Steven's misty-eyed illustration style evokes a rural America of yore and a time when children perhaps connected more easily with nature — whose subtle beauty is the real topic of this book." Moody
"Preschoolers are anything but quiet — especially when you're on the phone! But God's Quiet Things introduces the wonderful things in creation that can be discovered by looking and listening. . . Full of sing-song, ‘You can almost hear it' expressions, God's Quiet Things describes God's majesty through sights and sounds. Lush, full-color illustrations by Rick Stevens create the ideal soothing atmosphere for bedtime readings." Church and Synagogue Libraries
"Because the power of the universe is sometimes revealed in such simple objects as butterflies and wiggly worms, to morning dew and growing seeds, memories and stories can be discussed and ideas shared. This book has so much potential for communication that it will not stay on the shelves long in church or synagogue libraries." Catholic Parent
"Lovely verse and beautiful pastel drawings bring the glories of creation to little eyes and ears. The idea of a child being quiet enough to hear things such as the dew or a worm wiggling underground is charming, and it should help little ones fall right to sleep." Provident Book Finder
"&;dquo;This book contains full-page pastel drawings by Rick Stevens which illustrate Nancy Sweetland's poem celebrating things we take for granted — like the dependable day and night, clouds and dew.' The bold large print could encourage attempts at reading in young children but the book's greatest value lies in its encouragement to be observant. . . As television sets blare, planes roar overhead, and tires screech, pausing to listen for quiet things could be a wonderful exercise. An excellent book for the early childhood library."