Getting the Word Across
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This volume gives pastors and worship leaders practical lessons in disciplined, interpretive speech that will enhance the living quality of Scripture for listeners today. Jacks discusses the practical techniques of effective oral interpretation--phrasing, emphasis, imagery, and vocal gesture--and covers important matters of voice and diction--pronunciation, articulation, and vocal control. Other communication tips include ways to restructure Scripture readings, a chart listing trouble areas in voice and diction, and much more.


"Robert Jacks . . . has given attention to two vital but often neglected aspects of one's pulpit ministry—the public reading of the Scriptures, and the optimal use of one's voice. In so doing, he has provided a very readable, even entertaining work. . . Jacks' book gives important emphasis to an easily neglected aspect of public preaching and teaching. He gives helpful reminders in a humorous and pleasant style."

Princeton Seminary Bulletin
"Beginning public speakers, gifted senior pastors, and everyone in between will find this book both challenging and immensely helpful."

Reformed Litugry & Music
"Anyone who reads Scripture in worship—clergy of lay—will gain enormously from this book. . . In addition to his very helpful discourse on the communication of the content of scripture in the first half of the book, he provides a clinic in the use of the body as the instrument of communication in the second. His non-technical treatment of the physiology of speech, the arts of pronunciation and articulation, the use of gestures, and his easy-to-follow instructions for exercises contributes to a very useful volume indeed."