Symbols of the Christian Faith
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More About This Title Symbols of the Christian Faith


Symbols of the Christian Faith is an illustrated guide to the major visual symbols used by the Christian church throughout history. These stylized illustrations, designed by artist Alva William Steffler, are intended to provide usable, up-to-date resources for contemporary church worship and Christian education.

Throughout church history symbols have been used to aid worship and to communicate difficult spiritual ideas. Steffler here collects these symbols, from early Christian catacomb art to the present, offering fresh graphic interpretations of old visual forms. The accompanying text notes the biblical sources for the various symbols and traces their use in church tradition and their links to Greco-Roman culture. Extensive glossaries and indexes round out the book.

Broadly inclusive and sensitive to the perspectives of every church tradition, this volume will be an invaluable resource for churches using Christian art as well as for general readers curious about the meaning of common Christian symbols.


The Christian Librarian
"As a supplement to more extensive guides and as a template for design in the Christian arts this is an excellent work. . . Recommended for inclusion in reference and church library collections."

"Symbols of the Christian Faith is a wonderful resource, useful in all sorts of ways. It will increase our understanding of our Christian heritage. It will also broaden our imagination and deepen our love for the truth in all its clarity and mystery. It is a resource which can enliven our discussion handouts and studies."