Torture Is a Moral Issue
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More About This Title Torture Is a Moral Issue


In this hard-hitting volume two dozen scholars, activists, military officers, and religious leaders call for an immediate end to the practice of torture, paying particular attention to its use in the American war on terror.

Torture Is a Moral Issue begins with background material, including vivid firsthand accounts from a torture survivor and a former U.S. interrogator in Iraq. The heart of the book contains respectively Christian, Jewish, and Muslim arguments against torture, and the final part charts a way forward toward a solution, offering much principled yet practical advice. Included as an afterword is an interview with Darius Rejali, one of the world's foremost experts on torture and democracy.


Taha Jabir Alalwani
William T. Cavanaugh
John Conroy
Edward Feld
David P. Gushee
Yahya Hendi
Scott Horton
George Hunsinger
Adm. John Hutson
Tony Lagouranis
Ellen Lippman
Ingrid Mattson
Ann Elizabeth Mayer
Marilyn McEntyre
Gen. Richard M. O'Meara
Dianna Ortiz
Darius Rejali
Louise Richardson
Kenneth Roth
Fleming Rutledge
Melissa Weintraub
Carol Wickersham


Daniel Berrigan,
poet, priest, peace activist, author
"This volume refuses to enter the sordid semantic debate over torture. Instead it summons the moral weight of religion and ethical understanding to condemn and call a halt to torture, to summon neglected resources and alternative behavior. A hard book, but desperately needed."