Just Like I Wanted
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In this cheerful story, a young girl is determined to draw the perfect picture. But staying in the lines is hard to do! When she makes a mistake, she considers crumpling up the drawing and starting over -- but instead she decides to use the scribble to create something new. Soon her imagination takes her on a wild adventure as she fills her picture with wild horses, daring pilots, delicious candy, and flying pirate ships.

With energetic mixed-media collages that perfectly suit the story, this book will inspire readers to embrace their mistakes and unleash their creativity.


Elinoar Keller & Naama Peleg Segal have each written anumber of children's titles separately, and Just Like IWanted is their third book together. They both live in TelAviv. Visit Naama's website at www.webit.co.il/naama.


The Midwest Book Review
"A young artist trying to achieve perfection delightfully discovers how to parlay her frustration with mistakes into new and beautiful directions, in this inspiring picture book that celebrates moving on from blunders big and small. . . . A sweetly written and illustrated story."