Captain Ronald Campbell of Bombala Station, Cambalong
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More About This Title Captain Ronald Campbell of Bombala Station, Cambalong


"Captain Ronald Campbell served in the British military in the first half of the nineteenth century, and his life and service speak to the hardships of army life around the world and in Sydney and New South Wales in those bygone days.

In Captain Ronald Campbell of Bombala Station, Cambalong, author Ivor George Williams shares his research into Captain Campbell?s life and the history of the regiments in which he served. Ivor traces Captain Campbell?s influence on the Bombala district, and he offers fellow historians a broad collection of historical documents about the men and women who both served and lived during this time in Australian history.

Although we may believe that the twenty-first century is changing at an ever-increasing rate, history reminds us that the nineteenth century had a more rapid and significant change. Captain Robert Campbell?s life can remind us of the service and determination that made the descendants of these pioneers rally to the flag so valiantly on the eve of World War 1."

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