Einstein's Instant English
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"Einstein presents a magic activity book for young children and teens learning English as a second language. It is sure to be treasured and reread over the years as the child?s use of English matures.

Einstein is a brilliant little bee whose buzz not only reminds the reader of the so-difficult-to-remember ?S? (he sings, she rings, it stings) but also that it is generally pronounced as ?zz.? There are many people who speak English fluently and have a large vocabulary but habitually omit the ?S.?

Starting with a little song for the basic ?I am, You are? the learner progresses to ?The Rebel Verb Song? where all one hundred twenty important irregular verbs are learned effortlessly to the playful tune of ?Three Blind Mice.?

The variety and scope make Einstein ideal for self-correction for learners of all ages and stages.

Through jokes, amusing pictures, quizzes, tongue twisters, witty comments. and simple, catchy rhymes, Einstein tricks the learner to unconsciously memorize and absorb confusing expressions and intricate grammatical concepts.

The audio book for pronunciation is a must!"

Exhibited At: International book fairs