The Other Side of the Mic
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"The Other Side of the Mic is about aviation history, the pilot, and behind the scenes of the air-traffic controller. It starts with the Wright brothers and covers the early days of the airplane manufacturers, airplanes, the beginning of airmail and air traffic control, the pilot heroes during war, test pilots, the jet age, X (experimental) airplanes, the century-series jets, and the first jet airliners, and flight into outer space.

I write about my air force service, 1955?1959, working in the control tower at Edwards AFB in the control tower, then with the FAA, working in the towers at Indianapolis, Lansing, Kansas City International, Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW), the FAA Headquarters in DC, and then returned to DFW.

After retirement, I was a contractor supporting the FAA needs. I spent a year as an instructor at the FAA Academy, OKC, two years at HQ supporting the air traffic control requirements, and nineteen years at the FAA Reginal Headquarters in Fort Worth, supporting the air-traffic control requirements.
I retired in 2013. After a while, I decided to write notes about my experiences to leave to my family. Then I had some questions to come to mind. After I did some research, I decided that I had a story, and I felt like it needed to be shared with others, so I decided to write this book. I wrote about my vision into the future. Originally, each decade was a chapter, so I did some research to do a corresponding fun fact for that decade. I decided to change the books format, but I liked the fun facts, and I did not want to delete them. I dropped them all down to the end of the book. I hope you enjoy."

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