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Life Changing Secrets From the Three Masters by Napoleon Hill from Sara Castle

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  • For Readers of All Ages Who Desire Riches, Success, and Happiness In Their Life
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    Sara Castle
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    JMW Group
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  • Price:
    USD 10
  • Publication Date:
    January 1, 2012

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  • Sara Castle
Sara Castle

Offered By Sara Castle

JMW Group Inc. publishes books and owns rights to content of world renowned authors. Dale Carnegie, Joseph Murphy, John Naisbitt, are a few of our sought after authors, each sold over ten million books. JMW works with agents as well as direct to publishers of non-fiction books in a variety of genre...

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Dale Carnegie, Napoleon Hill and Joseph Murphy, commonly acknowledged as the most popular self-help, personal improvement authors of all time whose books combined have sold over one hundred million copies. These sensational best selling books are responsible for helping millions of people to learn to live a life that is more successful, healthier, happier and fulfilling in every possible way.