The Spirit of Cassious House
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"Two seaside towns twinned, and there?s a story that goes back over three hundred years when a prince named Timothy Andrew Carlton was cursed for a murder that he didn?t commit and a curse on the house that is supposedly to protect what?s underneath it. It went horribly wrong, and now the good spirits live in the tower of this one magnificent house: Cassious House in Kelton Heights.

Now the town and its twin, Welleston Village, which is thirty miles away, are living in modern times. The house sits beside a university, and a terrible secret conspiracy is about to erupt when Alyssia Franklin-Jenkins starts to investigate the house?s past and falls in love with the spirit of Prince Timothy. Events are already set in motion and little did she realise that she is the one to break the curse and ahead of a very top-secret meeting about the university?s new Natural Disasters Research Facility.

Can she figure out the truth and the conspiracy within the university before it?s too late? Is she the ?key? Cassious House has been waiting for?"

Exhibited At: International book fairs