The Bramble and the Rose
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"In fifth century Britain, a baby is born to his dying mother, the heartbroken queen of Lyonesse. Before she takes her last breath, she makes his newly-appointed guardian, Rohalt, promise to raise her son, Tristan, in secrecy until he can avenge his father, defeat the usurper, reclaim his birthright, and liberate his people. Moments later, the queen lies lifeless as tiny Tristan and his guardian vanish into the darkness.

Tristan has grown into a moody dreamer, trained as a warrior. Meanwhile, Princess Isolde has become famous throughout Ireland for her healing potions. Tristan, now a king, is severely wounded in a ferocious battle. He is brought by aides to Ireland to seek help from the legendary Isolde. She helps heal him and they fall in love. But it is only a matter of time before they discover if she has truly saved his life or tragically sealed their fates.

In this medieval historical tale, a lord and an Irish princess brought together by her healing powers must find a way to unite through their love?even if it is in death. In life, they could never be united. In death, they would never be separated."

Exhibited At: International book fairs