The Fat Cat
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"The fat cat always sat on his mat
And there he slept, ate, and sat
Until one day his friend Pat
Came to have a small chat
In this story you will meet the fat cat, despite his friends calling him out to play he would much rather sit on his mat all day. But what happens when his friend pretty Pat comes around for a chat?
In this delightfully illustrated book written in rhyme, children willleap into reading and writing with fun activities exercising the use of sounds using the phoneme family such as ?at, ?mat? or ?cat?, with plenty of coloring pages to color in as many pink cats, orange cats, and purple cats as they want, along withenlightening timeless, high moral principles such as friendship, compassion, critical thinking, healthy habits, personal discipline, courage, and self-esteem.
All in poem and beaming with smiles,Ralph and Belen Mills invigorating children?s story book The Fat Cat is a perfect gift ?to all the young children of the world, their parents, grandparents, mentors, and caregivers.?The Fat Cat also helpschildren recognize words and sounds, and brilliantly spark their spirit of adventure in the joyand pleasure of learning."

Exhibited At: International book fairs