Assumptions Can Mislead
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More About This Title Assumptions Can Mislead


"This book is based on stunning true stories about people of all ages in a wide variety of situations. The stories illustrate how unrecognized, incorrect assumptions can cause mistakes, misunderstandings, and tragic outcomes. Assumptions are interwoven into the very fabric of our lives. When we make an assumption we take something for granted. We accept it as fact. The stories also show our need to be respected and understood, the types of assumptions we make, and how we can recognize assumptions before we make them. This is a book about us and how our assumptions affect us.

The stories led to the book's title and chapter titles. Most chapters begin with stories. Some of the twenty-one chapter titles are: Urgent!; Tenacious Assumptions, Dogged Beliefs; Automatic Assumptions Can Mislead; Betrayed; Now Will You Listen; Our Doctors Need Our Stories; When We Are Patients; Hospitals; Recognizing Assumptions. Because medical errors are a serious problem, we, as patients, and our medical professionals need to be aware of incorrect assumptions that can compromise our care. Orlando has shown us how we can recognize assumptions and get the story right. Whether in health care or elsewhere, getting the story right can sometimes be crucial."

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