Vick's Vultures
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In the far future, alien technology captured by the Union Earth Privateers has fueled Earth’s tenuous expansion from a single planet to a handful of systems across the Orion Spur.Victoria Marin, captain of the U.E. Condor, and her crew of Vultures have been running dry for months. In danger of losing her command and her credibility if she can’t locate fresh salvage, she locks onto the distress signal of an alien ship in hopes of valuable cargo. What she finds instead is First Prince Tavram, the heir apparent to one of the largest empires in known space. Tavram’s ship has been crippled after narrowly escaping an ambush and his would-be assassin is coming to finish the job.The Vultures launch a high risk mission to rescue the prince and recover every last scrap of xenotech they can before the hunter catches up to his prey. But there are more dangers than notorious interstellar assassins when it comes to ferrying an alien prince across the stars, and Victoria must contend with dangerous alliances, old grudges, and even her own government if she means to bring her crew home alive. Whether she succeeds or fails, the consequences of her choices will affect the path of all humanity.


Scott Warren is 28, and lives in Huntsville Alabama where he works as a full time pilot and part time author and illustrator. He cycles between writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, specializing in tight narratives with a focus on believable and grounded characters navigating almost insurmountable challenges. His two series, the Sorcerous Crimes Division and the Union Earth Privateers, explore the fun side of modern speculative fiction with nods to the classic serial adventures that drew him to the genre.


"Vick's Vultures is a fast-paced thrill ride through a galaxy packed with scores of unique alien empires. Our hero, Victoria "Vick" Marin, is a tough-as-nails lady that know how to handle a crisis. Read and enjoy!" Robert E Waters, author of the Devil Dancers Military SF series

"I was on board with Captain Victoria Marin and her multinational, multi-ethnic, multi personality type, mismatched crew from the first moment. Scott Warren give us an uncommon premise, humans as technological inferiors to most of the galaxy, and follows the plausible consequences of that premise: from our race's particularly human adaptation to that situation-becoming pirates and scavengers of technology while flying under the radar of the major civilizations-to the cultural and character traits that come to the surface in that event. It all comes together with a richly-imagined universe, three-dimensional characters, and a fast-moving plot to give the reader a novel that is as interesting to the lover of hard science fiction as it is exciting to the lover of adventure. Vicks Vultures is a scientifically creditable, swashbucklingly exciting tale from a talented emerging author. Read it . . . while I wait for his next book." H. Paul Honsinger, author of the Man of War Series

"Vick's Vultures shines a light on the dirtier side of space. The crew of the Condor will pull you into this gritty space opera and open the doors to a new Scifi universe." Bob Salley, creator of Salvagers comic book series

"Quite brilliant start to a military sci-fi series. It has a rarely used premise: that Humanity is faced with a very hostile galaxy, where everyone else is significantly more advanced, and at best indifferent to our survival. The really cool idea, that after our first naval encounters were complete defeats, Earth starts using "privateers" to salvage alien tech while hiding our worlds' location, hooked me from the get go." - GWf,