Concentration Mechanism of Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Baseball, and Skiing
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"Benjamin An has discovered the human hand structure, which explains why humans are born to hit with an implement and to throw with a trajectory release. Hitting and throwing became the most powerful actions in the animal kingdom. These actions became the primary tools for humans to survive historically.

Survival skills become sports actions in the modern, civilized world. Different sports were invented with modification of the sports actions. Dr. An has looked into these actions seriously in terms of human nature?intellectually, biomechanically, psychologically, physically, and mentally?in order to help athletes perform these actions without confusion.

Many performance problems occur just because these actions are parts of human nature and humans know too much about these actions. For example, for every action, a human knows the results of this action. It is very hard for a human to concentrate on the actions only and ignore the results of these actions. Thinking about the results has become one of the most serious interferences of that action itself. Dr. An calls these intellectual interferences.

Human physical actions are complicated by human mental thoughts and intellectual understandings. Sports actions are not just physical actions. Sports actions have to be modified if it is necessary and executed with specific mental thoughts in order to fit in any specific sport. The author has specifically emphasized on these points in his book."

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