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Forgiving Waters by Capps, Kenneth L. from BQB Publishing

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    BQB Publishing
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    USD 16.95
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    January 6, 2012
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About Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Company, Inc. Founded in August of 2010, Boutique of Quality Books Publishing Company, Inc. was created to be “the writer’s publisher,” focusing on quality writing from new authors in both fiction and nonfiction genres. An independent publisher, Boutique o...

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When the paths of an old cowboy and two young trespassers---one black and one white---cross, many lives are changed forever. Beauregard Lee Kelso grew up in a time of racial division and rampant prejudice. Now, at an age that is way past retirement, he struggles with decisions of his past that won't allow him peace of mind. Kevin and Leonard are looking for some good fishing in one of the pasture watering holes when they cross onto Kelso's land. This book is the winner of a 2012 Readers' Favorite Honorable mention and a Gold (first place) Award in the 2013 Indie Next Generation Award for First Novel.

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Born in Houston, Texas, in 1959, Kenneth L. Capps joined the US Marine Corps in 1979 for a thirteen-year career. He started a tree removal company is 1993. In 2009, Ken won honorable mention in nonfiction in the New Bern Literary Symposium in North Carolina. The next year, in 2010, he placed second in fiction in the same contest. Ken's writing career started at 50 years of age in what he considers to be the best years of his life.