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What's Your Excuse for not Overcoming Stress? by Kelly Swingler from WYE Publishing

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  • Overcome your excuses for less stress and more control, calm and resilience
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    WYE Publishing
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    Paperback / softback
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  • Price:
    GBP 7.99
  • Publication Date:
    November 1, 2017
  • Ship Date:
    November 1, 2017
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    Part of a series of practical, friendly self-help books

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  • WYE Publishing
    United Kingdom
WYE Publishing

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Founded in 2015 by Joanne Henson with the aim of developing an innovative new series of personal development books from inspiring expert authors

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Written for people struggling with stress, who want to live a calmer, happier life. Kelly Swingler offers simple strategies and practical advice to help readers to take back control and feel more positive.

Back cover reads:
Do you struggle with stress in your life? Do you feel out of control, overwhelmed, under pressure or unable to relax?
In this supportive and motivational book Kelly Swingler takes a look at all of the reasons why you may be tolerating stress in your life. She explains how you can take action to reduce it and offers practical strategies, simple tips, guidance and inspiration to help you bring about positive change.
Learn how to switch off from the things you can’t change and take control of those you can, to feel calmer, happier and more positive about yourself and your life.

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How this book will help you
What is stress?
The good news
I worry too much
I’ve always been the family worrier
I can’t remember when I didn’t feel stressed
I’m a procrastinator
Isn’t stress just normal these days?
Stress doesn’t bother me
I hate delegating
Stress motivates me
I have a stressful job
I’m always first in and last out
I can’t choose how I spend my time at work
I have a horrible commute
I can’t switch off, even on holiday
I have to look after my family
Isn’t stress normal if you’re a parent?
I’m neglecting my relationships
Everyone expects so much from me
I find meeting new people difficult
Everyone else seems to be having a better time than me
I worry about what people think of me
I get stressed about everything that’s going on in the world
I wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m lazy
I find it hard to say no to people
I don’t feel appreciated
I’ve lost sight of what really matters
A glass or two of wine helps me cope
I’ve forgotten how to relax
Smoking helps me cope
I don’t have the time or energy to look after myself
I don’t know how to prioritise
The morning routine is a nightmare
I never seem to achieve anything
I don’t want to miss out on anything
I can’t remember the last time I went out with friends
I can’t remember the last time I did something I really enjoyed
I always seem to have too much to do
I’m dreading a difficult conversation
I worry about tackling new things
I’ll be less stressed when the kids start school
I’ll be less stressed when the kids finish their exams
I’ll be less stressed when the kids leave home
I’ll be less stressed when we’ve moved house
I’ll be less stressed after the wedding
I’d be less stressed if I had more money
I’d be less stressed if I won the lottery
I’d be less stressed if I had a cleaner
I’d be less stressed if I could lose weight

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Kelly Swingler is an award-winning mindset coach, psychologist, hypnotherapist and psychotherapist who specialises in helping people to reach their full potential by changing the way they respond to and handle challenges.
She has written several other books about performance in the workplace and career success.

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“An easy, stress-free read! Kelly’s pragmatic and non-judgmental approach shines through and if you are serious about transforming the stress levels in your life she provides simple and practical solutions for you to try. We’re all different with different pressures but it feels like there’s something for everyone in here”
Jackie Perkins, director of House of Colour

"Great book, packed with really useful, practical tips. As a busy working mum there are many hints and tips that I will take away and apply. Kelly writes in an easy, friendly way which makes it simple to read and to find the sections most relevant to you. Love it!"
Claudia Bangs, HR director

“A really useful book to have to hand. It’s like having someone around to smooth your brow and hold your hand whilst quietly reminding you how to stop stress taking over! Great ideas – you need this in your desk drawer!”
Jo Thresher, author and director of Better with Money

“A practical, user-friendly book packed with tips, techniques and real life scenarios which will resonate in one way or another with you or with someone you know. Too busy, too stressed, too much? This book will help you to begin the inner work, make the changes and see the differences which only you can take charge of. Make the change”
Jane Tribaudi, HR consultant

“Really highlights the areas of life which raise normal levels of stress to unmanageable levels and which leave so many of us with feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and distress. Kelly not only explains why you feel this way but gives you the actions you can take to reduce and manage the stressful situations you face. If you feel stressed or unable to cope with the pressures in your life then this book is a great resource”
Gary Johannes, founder of Inspired to Change and senior lecturer at Clifton Practice Hypnotherapy Training

“This book gives an insight into how our thoughts cause stress reactions that can get quickly out of control and provides helpful tools to deal with things in our everyday life. Great read, highly recommended”
Jody Kay, Sound and Movement

“Kelly is able to take complex ideas and simplify them and in this book applies that approach to the subject of stress. We can all let things get out of control and feel stress in our lives but the tools in this book will help to you to overcome these and to stop making excuses”
Michael Fearnhead, managing director of Chrysalis Consulting

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