Rape of an Angel
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"For Kitty, it was like being frozen in a real, living nightmare, one that you can never wake up from. It was evil at its most profound. Drawing a breath so deep that it seemed to come from the very depths of her soul, Kitty shouted, ?Stop!? Startled, both men turned and looked over their shoulders to find Sister Kitty pointing a gun at them. They both reached for their weapons. Again, Sister warned them, ?Do not move or I will shoot!? Both men ignored her threat and began to turn with their guns held high and ready to shoot. Kitty shot them both.

Handpicked by God to be one of his most effective angels fighting the ever-growing malevolence on earth, Kitty Maguire was put through a series of extraordinary tests to prove herself worthy of the task. Orchestrated by Satan, her most trying ordeal would test not only Kitty?s faith but that of everyone around her.

Rape of an Angel captures the life of Kitty from her sudden appearance at the Blessed-Sisters Novitiate in Paris as a precocious seven-year-old through her young adulthood in heart-stopping detail as God chose one battle to win the true test of faith and her elevation into a higher part of heaven."

Exhibited At: International book fairs